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To Do List

  • Do a check up on the subversion penalty to make sure there aren't any things that need to be noted
  • Get screenshot of subversion penalty
  • Play with higher values of subversion penalty
  • Calculate subversion penalty's impact on Robosaru timewise
  • Test to make sure all /spec commands can be used interchangeably
  • Write up new info on uranium on start, screenshots if needed. Calculate mathmatically its effect.
  • Update spectator page to reflect changes
  • Add "go up" key for Spectators
  • Give advanced explanation of explosive mechanics
  • Commandline page
  • Update Power Plant icon on the main page
  • Update Dropship interior images
  • Take screenshots to indicate laser fence maximum range
  • Take screenshot of a spectator view of the map
  • Calculate deactivated income victory requirements for Robo
  • Add system requirements and OSs to OBEY page
  • Get Story for Story page
  • Ask dez about the attributable version (because my memory sucks)
  • Write up information on voice chat