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Official Tips

The Official Tips are shown on the loading screen during map changes:

  • Watch out for lying players!
  • When buying a dropship, be careful that you are not close to being subverted. You might accidentally buy it for an opponent, and end up in the drop ship you just purchased!
  • While inside Robosaru, take note of the red notch on the rotation indicator. The red notch indicates the angle to burn with the flamer if you want to burn players camping at your door.
  • Bunnies inside water are safe from the flamethrower.
  • Carrying items into the robot when you subvert gives you their ¢ value.
  • Players get a ¢ bonus immediately upon entering Robosaru.
  • Bunnies with collars are safe from the electrical sentries.
  • Bunnies with collars make more ¢ than bunnies without collars.
  • The only ways the robot can kill players by its door are with flames or with sentries.
  • The dropship can be destroyed by placing uranium behind the dotted line. The % indicates the chance of a crash.
  • Laser walls will connect at a maximum of 9 units.
  • Bunnies can whisper by typing /w before a message. Whispers can be intercepted by robo if they are made near a dormant sensor, or directly in robo's view.
  • Delivering a bunny corpse to the feed box will cause a minimum -1000¢ penalty to the robot player.

Tips while playing

  • It is considered rude to use external chat or VoIP (TeamSpeak, Skype, mumble) in OBEY if not everyone in the match is invited to your VoIP. OBEY is known to be not-fun to play with players who are in a private communication outside of the game.
  • Don't feed Uranium to players who are about to win. (duh)
  • Don't corpse losing players. Stash them for winning players.