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TextMacros.txt is a fully customizable file that allows the player to modify their own quickchat messages for when they are in control of Robosaru.

Quickchat messages can be sent by pressing the correct key combination while holding the Hop key. The messages can contain any symbol, and supports the color tags. They can also support Console Commands, a notable mention going to the whisper command, as hand-typed whispers are generally nigh impossible to send to moving bunnies. The key combinations can be constructed from any combination of alphanumerical keys.

Quickchat messages with only a single key will display on the quickchat menu when it is first opened. If there are quickchat messages using key combinations that start with the aforementioned key, they will be displayed in a sub menu accessible by pressing the first key. These menus can be stacked to multiple levels.

w=Get ...
ww=[00ff00]Load it all up![-]
ws=Get [item] ...
we=Get the [00ff00]$$$![-]
wss=Get it.
ws2=Get MINE.
ws3=Get LIGHT.
ws4=Get MISSILE.
ws5=Get POINTER.
ws6=Get a COLLAR.
ws7=Get ! SIGN.
ws8=Get BATTERY.
ws9=Get FUEL.
ws0=Get URANIUM.

The top menu will show:

  • W: Get...

Pressing "W" will open a submenu showing:

  • W: Load it all up!
  • S: Get [item] ...
  • E: Get the $$$!
  • D: GET OUT!

Pressing W, E or D will send the corresponding message. Pressing S however, will open a further submenu as there are other messages detected that also use "ws" in their key combinations:

  • S: Get it.
  • 1: Get LASER WALL.
  • 2: Get MINE.
  • 3: Get LIGHT.
  • 4: Get MISSILE.
  • 5: Get POINTER.
  • 6: Get a COLLAR.
  • 7: Get ! SIGN.
  • 8: Get BATTERY.
  • 9: Get FUEL.
  • 0: Get URANIUM.

Thus, the message "Get a COLLAR" can be sent by holding Spacebar and pressing W, S, then 6, in that order.