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What a spectator looks like to other spectators

Spectator Mode is toggleable by typing /spectate into chat. Both entering and exiting spectator mode is accompanied by a message in chat.

Spectators can see and hear other spectators and non-spectators, but non-spectators cannot hear nor see spectators. Non-spectators can still see spectator text chat however. Spectators can whisper to eachother by using the /w command.

Spectators are not affected by solid objects or gravity, can move around the map with WASD, and can use the Flame key to travel downwards. All of these directions are relative to the spectator's facing.

Spectators can see the names of players above the corresponding bunnies on the map.

Upon entering spectator mode, the player's score is set to 0. While in spectator mode, the player does not earn any ¢, and a magenta "S" can be seen next to a spectator's name on the scoreboard.

Unlike non-spectators, spectators who have troll mode enabled are not indicated with an arrow.