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serverSettings.txt is a file in the root directory of OBEY that determine variables for a server hosted on that computer.

Variable Default Value Description
name OBEY Server! This is the name of the server that will show up in the server browser
motd --- This is the message of the day displayed by the server
maxPlayers 15 The player limit for the server. Once this is reached, no more players may join.
minPlayers 5 -does nothing at this time-
roundMinutes 0 The time for each round before the game is forcibly ended. Any value less than 2 removes the timer.
map zoneOne The map(s) that the server will play. Comma delineated. The maps must exist in the Levels folder.
serverPort 57347
private 0 Whether or not to register this server with the master server list
maxSpectators 5 The maximum number of players that simultaneously be in spectator mode
clientPort 57347
dropShipOnStart 0 If 1, a Dropship will be already be purchased when the map starts.
tickRate 66 How many game ticks to process per second. A higher number increases game "accuracy".
sendRate 20 How many times per second to send Clients server information. A higher number makes the game smoother, but consumes greater bandwidth.
twoSecondScore 2 How much ¢ an uncollared Bunny earns every two seconds.
twoSecondScoreCollar 6 How much ¢ a collared Bunny earns every two seconds.
twoSecondScoreRobo 20 How much ¢ the Bunny in control of Robosaru earns every two seconds.
dropShipSeconds 80 How many seconds between each Drop Ship arrival.
enterRoboBonus 300 The ¢ earned by a Bunny upon entering Robosaru
twoSecondScoreDropShip 1 How much ¢ the Bunny inside the Dropship earns every two seconds.
minAI 2
moneyWinCondition 0 The money goal for each round, upon reaching which the game is forcibly ended. A value of 0 removes the money goal.
roboTwoSecondBonus .075 The rate that the Robosaru player accumulates a bonus.
extraRoundTime 25 How many seconds after a victory before the round is restarted.
playerDebtLimit -1000 The minimum amount of money a player can have after corpse money deduction