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| dropshipChanceToCrashMod|| 8000 || Lower makes it easier to crash the ship,  higher, harder.
| dropshipChanceToCrashMod|| 8000 || Lower makes it easier to crash the ship,  higher, harder.
| kickIdleSpectatorSeconds|| 120 || Idle spectators will be kicked after this many seconds.  0 or less will not kick spectators.

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serverSettings.txt is a file in the root directory of OBEY that determine variables for a server hosted on that computer.

Variable Default Value Description
name OBEY Server! This is the name of the server that will show up in the server browser
motd --- This is the message of the day displayed by the server. Text can be colored by opening with the Hexadecimal code surrounded by square brackets, and closed with a minus sign surrounded by square brackets: i.e. [FF0000]This text is red[-]. New lines can be denoted with a tilde.
maxPlayers 6 The player limit for the server. Once this is reached, no more players may join.
minPlayers 4 The minimum number of players required in a server before a Dropship can be purchased
roundMinutes 0 The time for each round before the game is forcibly ended. Any value less than 2 removes the timer.
map ozone,cornered,zoneOne,
The map(s) that the server will play. Comma delineated. The maps must exist in the Levels folder.
serverPort 57347
private 0 If disabled, the server will be registered on the master server list
maxSpectators 5 The maximum number of players that simultaneously be in spectator mode
clientPort 57349
dropShipOnStart 1 If enabled, a free Dropship will spawn the first time a player enters Robosaru. This setting takes into account the minPlayers setting, and thus the free Dropship will not spawn until a player enters Robosaru while minPlayers is met.
tickRate 66 How many game ticks to process per second. A higher number increases game "accuracy".
sendRate 20 How many times per second to send Clients server information. A higher number makes the game smoother, but consumes greater bandwidth.
twoSecondScore 2 How much ¢ an uncollared Bunny earns every two seconds.
twoSecondScoreCollar 10 How much ¢ a collared Bunny earns every two seconds.
twoSecondScoreRobo 20 How much ¢ the Bunny in control of Robosaru earns every two seconds.
dropShipSeconds 80 How many seconds between each Drop Ship arrival.
enterRoboBonus 300 The ¢ earned by a Bunny upon entering Robosaru
twoSecondScoreDropShip 1 How much ¢ the Bunny inside the Dropship earns every two seconds.
moneyWinCondition 0 The money goal for each round, upon reaching which the game is forcibly ended. A value of 0 removes the money goal.
roboTwoSecondBonus .075 The rate that the Robosaru player accumulates a bonus.
extraRoundTime 30 How many seconds after a victory before the round is restarted.
playerDebtLimit -1500 The minimum amount of money a player can have after corpse money deduction
playerStartingFunds 0 The amount of money Bunnies start with upon joining the game
playerSuicidePenalty 200 The money deducted from a Bunny's account when they use the /kill command (or upon disconnecting). A negative number will disable the /kill command for Bunnies. Players are not penalized if minPlayers is not met.
roboSeeScore 0 If enabled, allows Robosaru to see all players' scores instead of just their own.
roboSuicidePenalty 2000 The money deducted from a player's account when they use the /kill command while inside Robosaru (or upon disconnecting). A negative value will disable the /kill command for Robosaru.
moderatorPassword The password required to log in with moderator privileges using the /mod command
password If set, it will 'lock' the server, prompting any player attempting to join to provide it. Only players who know the password will be able to join.
kickOnCycle 0 If disabled, sends players to a loading screen while the server changes maps. Then, after all players have rejoined it will run 'restart'.

If enabled, it will instead kick all players at the end of every round.

spawnKillTime 9 How many seconds after spawning a bunny kill counts as a "spawn kill"
spawnKillMaxItems 6 The amount of times to attempt to spawn a scrap on a spawn kill. The earlier a bunny is spawnkilled, the closer to this number scrap will spawn.
spawnKillItemChance 0.67 For each scrap spawn attempt, this is the chance a scrap will be spawned
uraniumOnStart 8 How many uranium to spawn at the drop area when a round starts
subvertedPenalty 0.15 The fraction of Robosaru's money that is dropped in the Drop Zone when they are subverted.
subvertedPenaltyTime 80 Grace period (in seconds) that Robosaru's subversion penalty is at a reduced amount (scaled up as time progresses)
clearPowerPlantsOnSubversion 0 If enabled, any items blocking the exhaust will be forcibly destroyed upon a subversion.
showNamesToSpectators 1 If enabled, will display player names above bunnies when in Spectator mode.
roboChargeForAutoDropship -1500 How much to bill the Robosaru when the Dropship triggered by dropShipOnStart is spawned
minSubversionPenalty 200 The minimum amount of money dropped upon a subversion if at least one Power Plant is ON.
maxAI 4 The AI on a server will never exceed this amount
minAI There will always be at least this number of AI on the server
perPlayerAI 1 How many bots will join a match for every empty player slot. At the default of 1, the bots will fill the game so that the number of bots and human players combined equals the player cap.
offsetAI -2 An offset to whatever bot count is calculated by the above settings.
botsFile bots.txt Specify the file that contains the names and behavior of the bots. It can be used to give the bots particular names or customize how they behave in the game.
botsMovementFile movements.txt Specify the file that contains the animations that the bots use to move around. It should exist in the /ai directory. (The tool to generate this has not been released yet.)
whenEmptyPauseAI 1 Can be used to significantly lower server CPU cycles. When no human is on the server, the AI will not calculate any logic (and wait patiently). Note that if this is off, that bot only rounds will be logged and stored as games with humans in them.
roboWeightBias .4 A modifier on the weight on the 'balancing' side of the dropship. In effect, a modifier on anything robo buys that works towards balancing the ship.
bunnyWeight 4 How much do bunnies weigh towards crashing the ship?
dropshipChanceToCrashMod 8000 Lower makes it easier to crash the ship, higher, harder.
kickIdleSpectatorSeconds 120 Idle spectators will be kicked after this many seconds. 0 or less will not kick spectators.
minutesToExpireScoreRecord 0 Used to assist in score tracking during tournaments. If the server is shut down (or crashes, etc.), the scores of recent games are still stored in a file called latestRoundRecords.json. The minutesToExpireScoreRecord value can be used to allow the records in the file to expire after a given amount of minutes. Otherwise, OBEY will load the records in the file by default (0).
masterServerURL This is a hidden variable that can be used to point the game to a different master server than obeygame.com
leaderboardTrophyURL This is the public URL where the trophies of all the players are stored/seen.
leaderboardTrophyPostURL When a trophy is assigned, this is the URL where the award should be posted to and where the trophy logic is running. See OBEY mods for some php trophy servers.
leaderboardPostPassword To prevent any person or game server from posting trophies and scores onto a trophy web server, a password should be required. Put it here, and when either is required the game server will post this password in the URL as ?pw=password
allowModsToStartTournaments true are mods allowed to use the /forceStartTournament and /trophy commands?
autoTournament Can be used to have a server run tournaments weekly or monthly. it is meant to work with the trophyURL to automatically assign trophies to winners. Format is as follows: day of week/day of month/'none', hour of day, minutes, name of server while tournament is running, rounds, minPlayers, trophy1,trophy2, etc (trophies are optional). Note that putting none for the day means tournaments will only run manually when /forceStartTournament is run by a mod. Example: Thursdays,19,30, TOURNAMENT IS RUNNING, 3, 4, 1st,2nd,3rd, 4th will run on Thursdays at 7:30 PM local time of the server.