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Robosaru is the centrepiece of all maps in OBEY. Bunny in control of Robosaru earn $20 every 2 seconds.


Entering the door at the base of Robosaru subverts the player inside, placing the new player in control of Robosaru. The other player is then killed. The subverting player earns $300 immediately, by default. The setting can be changed in serverSettings.ini under enterRoboBonus.

After entering the robot, all other players are given Items#Collar and an automated message from the subverting player.

The Sentries at Robosaru's base are then activated for 25 seconds.


The original working title of the OBEY was 'Robosaru'. Robosaru means 'robomonkey' in Japanese as the robot is a take on the Japanese giant robot/monster theme.

The original title graphic, when the game was first programmed using Ogre3D: Title.png

Robosaru also looked totally different, basically a copy of Mechagodzilla.