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playerPrefs.txt is a file in the root directory of OBEY that determine variables for a client run on that computer.

Variable Default Value Description
sendRate 20 How many times per second to send packets to the server. A higher number makes the player's movements smoother and more responsive, but consumes greater bandwidth
interpolationPeriod 100 How long in milliseconds the client is delayed behind the server, to account for latency.
playerName Killa Dawg The ingame name of the player.*
takeOverMessage Bow down before me! The personalized message sent to all other players when Robosaru is subverted.
invertRoboY False Whether or not the Y axis for Robosaru's aiming is inverted
invertPlayerY True Whether or not the Y axis for the Bunny's aiming is inverted. For this parameter, "True" means not inverted.
sensitivityModX 1
sensitivityModY 1
sensitivityMod .3
lastJoinedServer The IP left in the server browser for quick rejoining the last server
lastJoinedPort 57347
autoJoinMenuChat 1 If 1, the player's name will be used to connect to the #obey channel on QuakeNet IRC automatically upon opening the server browser

*If this field is missing, the player will be renamed to "generic bunny". If the field is empty, the player will be renamed to "Bunny #x", where "x" is a unique number assigned by the server. Invalid characters will be removed. If it is greater than 15 characters, it will be shortened. This means that a player's name can only be 5 characters with a closed color tag, or 7 with an open one. Note that an open color tag name will cause all text spoken by that player to be the same color as their name, unless the tag is closed or a new color is applied at the start of the message.