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  • Autopay - The current setting for how much money is dropped for bunnies who deliver usable items to the Feed Box
  • Bleed - The act of placing barely useful items into a Feed Box with autopay set high in order to cause Robosaru to lose more money than he makes. Scrap and Missiles are the most valid candidates for this.
  • Bunny - A player who is not in control of Robosaru
  • Camper - A bunny who sits at Robosaru's door, subverting when the Robosaru has made a large purchase in order to avoid having to spend that money themselves
  • Corpse Bomb - The act of placing a corpse into the Feed Box, delivering a heavy penalty to whoever is in Robosaru at the time.
  • Corpse Factory - A laser wall set up with the intention of generating corpses to put into the Feed Box. It is usually hidden out of Robosaru's view.
  • Drop Box - See FEED BOX
  • Feed Box - The receptacle for items usable by Robosaru
  • Flame the Door - To aim as far down as possible and use the flamethrower along the red notch on the facing indicator, eliminating campers.
  • Leg - The supports protruding from Robosaru's base.
  • Mod - (Also: Moderator, Admin) The administrator of a server. Has the ability to kick players, set a player's score, spawn a dropship, or mark a player as a "troll".
  • Overlord - See ROBOSARU
  • Push to Talk - A microphone setting that, when enabled, causes the microphone to only transmit spoken voice when the Push to Talk key is held.
  • Rabbit - See BUNNY
  • Robosaru - (Also: Robo, Robot, Robosaur, Robosaurus) The enormous turret on the map, or the player controlling it
  • Scumbag - A bunny who takes money that was intended for another bunny
  • Sentry - The constructs in a ring around Robosaru that emit arcs of electricity when activated by subversion or using a battery charge
  • Snitch - A bunny who points out the wrongdoings of other bunnies in order to gain favor and money from Robosaru
  • Spire - See SENTRY
  • Stacking - Constructing a stack of items for the purpose of blocking Robosaru's view or to raise another Bunny's elevation over an obstacle such as a Laser Fence.
  • Staircase - Items arranged in a manner that allows a Bunny to repeatedly access a location they would not normally be able to reach, i.e. a cliff or Robosaru's base
  • Subvert - The act of entering the door at the base of Robosaru, which displaces the previous player and gives control of Robosaru to the subverting player.
  • Troll - A player who finds enjoyment in ruining other player's fun. May also refer to a player marked with the "troll" tool, which makes them always visible to all other players.