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Dropship opendoors.jpg
"A balanced dropship is a happy dropship."

The Dropship is a craft purchasable by the Bunny in control of Robosaru for 1000¢. The Dropship arrives every 80 seconds, and drops its contents at the map's drop zone.

Purchasing Items

The Dropship buy menu
Main article: Items

No items can be purchased until a Dropship exists. Robosaru can purchase items at any time, which are then placed in a random location inside the Dropship. Bunnies can only purchase items while they are inside the Dropship, which will be equipped to the Bunny if they have any spare slots, or dropped to the ground in front of them if they don't.

Any items purchased by the Bunnies will be deducted from that Bunny's bank, instead of Robosaru's.


Main article: Bunny

While a Dropship exists, Bunnies no longer spawn in a random location on the map, and instead spawn inside the Dropship.

While inside the Dropship, Bunnies only receive 1¢ every two seconds (as opposed to the regular 2¢) and do not gain the ¢ bonus from collars.

Dropship Sabotage

The light is on
The Dropship cannot be imbalanced once the light is off

The imbalance line

Inside the Dropship is a dotted line. If items and Bunnies are behind the line, they will imbalance the Dropship. The Dropship can only be imbalanced while the ETA is longer than 30 seconds. Once the ETA reaches 30 seconds, the Dropship will appear in the map and its internal light will dim. The Flight Imbalance percentage at that point in time is used to determine the chance the Dropship will crash.

Different objects have different weights. The heavier an object, the more it contributes to the Flight Imbalance.

  • Collar: 1 Unit
  • ! Sign: 1 Unit
  • Missile: 2 Units
  • Pointer: 2 Units
  • Mine: 2 Units
  • Bunny: 2 Units
  • Laser Wall: 3 Units
  • Light: 3 Units
  • Fuel: 60 Units
  • Battery: 90 Units
  • Uranium: 130 Units

100% Flight Imbalance is achieved by placing 300 units in the imbalance zone. This number increases linearly per player on the server, so on a server with 5 players, 100% imbalance requires 1500 Units of weight.

If the Dropship crashes, it will explode at a random location on the map, scattering its contents around the crash site along with flames and smoke clouds. A new Dropship will not arrive until it is repurchased.