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Communitymap BraveBunny Tiled.png
Map creator: Liam "Squircle" Kelly
Tyranny Index: ★☆☆
Download BraveBunny

Brave Bunny is a map with Feed Boxes very close to Robosaru, with a large open area infront of the door.

There are 4 Feed Boxes total: 2 close to Robosaru, and the other 2 on the far end of the map in the dense cover.

The high rocks and positioning of the Sentries lessens their area of effect, making it quite easy to flank Robosaru.


Communitymap madeIn30Minutes Tiled.png
Map creator: Liam "Squircle" Kelly
Tyranny Index: Unrated
Download madeIn30Minutes

No description


Communitymap palace Tiled.png
Map creator: Noxyro
Tyranny Index: ★☆☆
Requested by Author to be withheld

Palace is a densely covered map intended for tournament play. It consists of three semi-defined lanes, the bottom of the center lane is where the Drop Zone is. There are two feed boxes: North East, and North West of the Drop Zone. The two side lanes have a large amount of water, and the centre lane is tiled, but bordered by plenty bushes. The Dropship's shadow allows plenty of escape opportunities: covering the shrub at the north of the centre lane, some of the approach to robo, and the tail covers the western feed box.


Communitymap zoneFive Tiled.png
Map creator: Jeremy Strain (JimmyStern), Sean Flint (spf0227)
Tyranny Index: Unrated
Download zoneFive

zoneFive has a tiled path that snakes from the Drop Zone all the way to the Robosaru. The Feed Box is quite close to the Drop Zone, and while the path to the Feed Box, and the Feed Box itself is rather coverless, the amount of water on the map that Bunnies can slip into is quite high.


Communitymap ZoneSix Tiled.png
Map creator: Jeremy Strain (JimmyStern)
Tyranny Index: Unrated
Workshop Page

No description


Communitymap RocksPlayground Tiled.png
Map creator: Kevinken
Tyranny Index: Unrated
Download Currently taken down

RocksPlayground is a large map with 2 robos on both sides. It only has 1 dropship because of Obey limitations. There are 2 diffrent feedboxes and 2 powerplant for each robo. From a study it seems that people listens to the bottom robo more because of more cover and longer road than the other. Even though that the upper robo is shorter and has water to hide in