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There are multiple ways to communicate in OBEY.

Text Chat

The chat window can be opened with the Message key, and then sent by pressing Enter.

Whenever Robosaru uses the chat, both their name and message is colored red, as well as being prefixed with "ROBOSARU".

All Bunnies, Spectators, and Robosaru can read all text chat, unless it has been sent using the whisper command, or the sender has been muted by the receiver.


Console Commands can be typed into the chat window. When committed with Enter, commands enact their particular function, but the line is not sent as a chat message. The exception to this is the whisper command. (Syntax: /w <text>) The whisper command sends a private message.

If Robosaru uses the whisper command, only bunnies underneath the reticle will receive the message. Since Robosaru cannot turn while typing a message, and bunnies tend to move about, it is highly recommended that any intended whispers be set up beforehand and sent using Robosaru's Quickchat system.

If a Bunny uses the whisper command, only other bunnies within 12 units will receive the message. Robosaru will intercept the message if the whisper was sent while their reticle is within 5 units of the whispering bunny, or the bunny is standing within 4 units of a Cyan Sensor. This means that Robosaru can listen in on Dropship conversations if a Sensor is purchased.

If a Spectator uses the whisper command, only other spectators will receive the message. Spectator messages cannot be intercepted.


Main article: TextMacros.txt

Robosaru has access to a quick chat menu which can be opened by holding the Hop key, and using the listed key to send the quick chat or to open the submenu of quick chats. These messages and menus are completely customizable.

Voice Communication

Voice communication is an integral part of OBEY. OBEY has had an inbuilt voice communication system since v21r0. Voice communication is set to "Push to Mute" by default, which functions like Voice activity detection. Holding the voice key stops any speech from transmitting. This can be toggled to "Push to Talk", where audio input is only transmitted while the voice key is held.

Bunnies and Robosaru can hear eachother's voice chat. There is currently no way to privately transmit voice to one another, and using private voice channels without the consent of all players in a server is strongly against the spirit of the game.

Whenever a player is transmitting via voice communication, their name displays on the screen adjacent to a speaker icon. The player in control of Robosaru has their name colored red.

Spectators hear all voice communication, but non-spectators cannot hear Spectator voice communication.

Directives Menu

Robosaru context menu.jpg

The player in control of Robosaru can hold the Menu key to access the directives menu. Although the majority of the items in the directives menu have no meaning and are merely to be up for interpretation for the player controlling Robosaru, the ¢ icon will drop a ¢ directive on the map that can be picked up by Bunnies. The ¢ directive only transfers the money from Robosaru to Bunny upon being picked up, so ¢ directives that despawn from not being picked up do not deduce any money from Robosaru. Additionally, the ¢ directive is owned by the player who created it, not by Robosaru itself. If a player creates a ¢ directive and is subverted before it is picked up, it will still deduct money from them when it is.

Common Interpretations:
Context icon alert.png Alert: Used for giving warnings to players, or marking areas the player controlling Robosaru does not wish Bunnies to go.
Context icon burn.png Burn Area: Used for alerting Bunnies of a burn location: somewhere the player controlling Robosaru wishes to fire upon. Also may be used as a last warning for disOBEYing Bunnies.
Context icon c.png Money: Dropped as a reward for OBEYing bunnies, or as a way to coerce Bunnies to move to a certain location. Each ¢ directive gives 50¢ to the bunny that collects it.
Context icon go.png Move: Usually used as a move command, but can be used as a general purpose tool to point out things of interest, and sometimes used instead of the "place" icon.
Context icon get.png Get: Used to point out items Robosaru wishes the Bunnies to pick up.
Context icon place.png Place: Used to indicate the location Robosaru wishes items dropped or built. May sometimes be used instead of the "Go" indicator for move commands.


Bunnies can squeak with the Hop key. Squeaks are only audible to nearby Bunnies, and not to Robosaru.