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Whenever Robosaru uses the chat, both their name and message is colored red, as well as being prefixed with "ROBOSARU".

Robosaru has access to a quick chat menu which can be opened by holding the Hop key, and using the listed key to send the quick chat or to open the submenu of quick chats. These messages and menus are completely customizable.


Bunnies have the ability to whisper to eachother. Robosaru can intercept whispers by either having an unplaced Sensor nearby, or by pointing the reticle anywhere within 5 units of a Bunny when they send a whisper.

Robosaru can whisper, but only the Bunnies near the center of the reticle will receive it.

Directives Menu

Robosaru context menu.jpg

The player in control of Robosaru can hold the Menu key to access the directives menu. Although the majority of the items in the directives menu have no meaning and are merely to be up for interpretation for the player controlling Robosaru, the ¢ icon will drop a ¢ directive on the map that can be picked up by Bunnies. The ¢ directive only transfers the money from Robosaru to Bunny upon being picked up, so ¢ directives that despawn from not being picked up do not deduce any money from Robosaru. Additionally, the ¢ directive is owned by the player who created it, not by Robosaru itself. If a player creates a ¢ directive and is subverted before it is picked up, it will still deduct money from them when it is.

Common Interpretations:
Context icon alert.png Alert: Used for giving warnings to players, or marking areas the player controlling Robosaru does not wish Bunnies to go.
Context icon burn.png Burn Area: Used for alerting Bunnies of a burn location: somewhere the player controlling Robosaru wishes to fire upon. Also may be used as a last warning for disOBEYing Bunnies.
Context icon c.png Money: Dropped as a reward for OBEYing bunnies, or as a way to coerce Bunnies to move to a certain location. Each ¢ directive gives 50¢ to the bunny that collects it.
Context icon go.png Move: Usually used as a move command, but can be used as a general purpose tool to point out things of interest, and sometimes used instead of the "place" icon.
Context icon get.png Get: Used to point out items Robosaru wishes the Bunnies to pick up.
Context icon place.png Place: Used to indicate the location Robosaru wishes items dropped or built. May sometimes be used instead of the "Go" indicator for move commands.


Bunnies can squeak with the Hop key. Squeaks are only audible to nearby Bunnies, and not to Robosaru.

Bunnies may also use the whisper command. (syntax: "/w <message>") Whispered messages are sent to all bunnies within a 12 unit radius. (4 cement tiles) Robosaru can intercept whispered messages via an unplaced Sensor or by looking at a Bunny when they send a whisper.