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(v33 r0)
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! Version !! Changes
! Version !! Changes
| .33 r1 ||
* fixed annoying mouse bug where the mouse cursor would show
* fixed bug with item blocking power plant vent detection.
* changed default subvertedPenalty (money dropped to other players on subversion) from 300 to 800
* increased cents directive life time from 15 to 17 seconds
* lights can no longer be placed in range of a sentry
* visual changes to power plant
* made bunny names bigger to spectators
| .33 r0 ||
| .33 r0 ||

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Version Changes
.33 r1
  • fixed annoying mouse bug where the mouse cursor would show
  • fixed bug with item blocking power plant vent detection.
  • changed default subvertedPenalty (money dropped to other players on subversion) from 300 to 800
  • increased cents directive life time from 15 to 17 seconds
  • lights can no longer be placed in range of a sentry
  • visual changes to power plant
  • made bunny names bigger to spectators
.33 r0
  • fixed bug where dropship crash calculation was incorrect if spectators present
  • fixed bug where a player kicked out of robo sometimes did not get a collar when respawning
  • fixed bug where dialog box could be blocked by incorrectly layered background in main menu
  • fixed bug where a laser wall could be made to fly above a placed mine
  • laser wall connection distance increased from 6 to 9 units
  • added power plants. Power plants can be used by bunnies to stop robo's money supply or by robo to prevent money loss on subversion
  • added "clearPowerPlantsOnSubversion" pref, to make it easier for robos when they take over (default false)
  • added spectators can now see names on the players in the game
  • added "showNamesToSpectators" server setting that can disable spectators to be able to see player names (default: true)
  • added 'no' sign to inside of dropship to make more obvious how to crash it to new players
  • gave texture pass to the dropship exterior
  • fixed minor bugs where dropship interior did not match when being dropped
  • increased hover time of dropship over drop area by about 1/2 second
  • added interior to robo's head, the top of the head no longer looks unfinished to spectators
  • changed default subvertedPenalty (money dropped to other players on subversion) from 700 to 300
  • changed the uranium on start to occur on the first subversion, instead of at the start of the map
  • you can now press esc to get out of the loading screen and go to the main menu
  • the bunny and halo on robo now show only when there is a player at robo's helm
  • minor translation fixes and improvements
  • minor improvements to Join Game menu and main menu
  • fixed bug where RTT lighting could affect the bunny on robo's head making it gold
  • fixed bug in bunnyMeet where lines could be lost permanently
  • added more feedback/logging on bug for robo not moving on client. IF YOU SEE THIS PLEASE SAVE AND SEND ME YOUR LOG.
.32 r4
  • fixed bug where if a robo gave pay and disconnected, the collected pay would collect indefinitely
  • fixed bug where robo player's name would not always be red when speaking
  • fixed bug where server would give players the suicide death message on round restarts
  • fixed bug where if items were stacked on an emplacement, and emplacement was deactivated sometimes the items would stay in the air
  • fixed bug where player list could not be viewed from a server
  • changed non-pingable servers to display as n/a instead of 9999ms (which is generally inaccurate.)
  • added Spanish and German translations of the 'story'
  • added mouse scrolling to 'story' menu
  • added 'uraniumOnStart' server option: how many uranium to spawn at the drop area on the round start (default 8)
  • added 'subvertedPenalty' server option: how much money does a player drop into the drop area when subverted
  • added 'subvertedPenaltyTime' server option: how much time in the robot is needed to reach the subvertedPenalty ()
  • tweaks to Join Game menu and main menu
  • increased maximum concurrent directives from 10 to 20 (to allow for large money drops from robo on subversions)
  • added '/spec' alternative to '/spectate' and '/spectator'
  • added ability for a mod to switch other players to and from spectator with /spectate #
.32 r3
  • added 'bunny meet' in the main menu. Post messages in it if you want others to know you are looking for a game.
  • added useNameInBunnyMeet pref and gui to allow anonymous login to OBEY
  • added spectators can now whisper to other spectators
  • added robo can now whisper privately to bunnies in the center of their aim
  • news in the main menu is now controlled by moderators
  • flame ammo given for each fuel load lowered from 12 to 4
  • lowered dropship volume from .8 to .65
  • players can now buy items using the num pad as well as regular numbers
  • server list now highlights non-0 server player counts green
  • increased default robo suicide penalty to 2000
  • servers now display who is inside in the server details
.32 r2
  • fixed bug where sometimes a player joining could force spectate a player that is subverting or dying if server is full
  • fixed bug where a player could switch to player from spectate without the needed space
  • fixed bug in menu where escaping out of options sub menu would disappear all menus
  • fixed bug where marked trolls were not muted for incoming players
  • removed deprecated collarsOnlyWithDropship from the code
  • added ability to have a translated 'story'
  • added middle mouse scroll to server list
  • translation fixes and improvements (mainly German and French)
  • lowered dropship volume from .8 to .65
.32 r1a
  • fixed nasty bug in german translation that cut off dropship item in the buy menu
.32 r1
  • fixed main menu audio bug where first music could be very loud before prefs kicked in
  • fixed nasty bug in the tut where the flames and the cannon were inoperable
  • added gui option for changing language after the first run
  • added gui option for changing player nickname and takeover message after first run
  • added gui option to auto-join the chat after first run
.32 r0
  • fixed bug where money sometimes would float in the air near feed box
  • fixed bug where sometimes entries in the server list would be shown twice if it is refreshed twice
  • fixed bug where items placed on emplacements would not reset if the emplacement gets disabled
  • fixed way too high doppler on dropship sounds
  • fixed bug where 'falling' effect was not seen while inside dropship
  • fixed bug where any player could summon a dropship by commandline. Now only mods.
  • fixed minor bug where 'tip' was not translated in game tips
  • fixed bug where cancelling an exit from the main menu would leave you in an empty main menu
  • fixed bug where '=' could not be a value in a data file (ie posting a link with a = as a motd value would fail)
  • fixed badly rendered cents symbol on some fonts
  • /info and /serverip commands now do the same thing, printing out info about the game, client, and server
  • robo players can no longer see other player scores.
  • added "roboSeeScore" server setting. Default: false. Can be used to allow robo players to see scores
  • added ozone to official maps
  • added Brazilian Portuguese
  • added /troll command for mods
  • added music to main menu
  • reduced maximum concurrent sounds from 48 to 40 to reduce audio hiccups and slowdowns
  • tweaks to robo gun volume and dropship volume
  • updates to airstrip map
  • default max players is now 6, default minScore is now -1500, default roboSuicidePenalty is now 600
.31 r4
  • added usingMultipleServerInstances server setting. (default = false) It disables LAN discovery, allows multiple servers to run from the same folder
  • added '-port #' commandline argument for servers that overrides the port specified in serverSettings.txt
  • added '-name xyz' commandline argument for servers that overrides server name specified in serverSettings.txt
  • fixed bug where multiple servers could not be run from a single folder of the game
  • fixed bug where laser walls ambient sounds were not in sfx group
  • removed command '/getvol', '/getvolume', '/getvoice', '/volstat', '/voicestate'
  • removed command '/setcutoff', '/cutoff'
  • added whisper /w command for bunnies to chat to nearby bunnies. Note that whispers can be intercepted by robo's aimpoint or dormant sensors.
  • increased continuousOutputLimit to 20 seconds since it was sometimes getting accidentally set off
  • fixed the sound channels for missiles flying, robo gun casings, fire ambience, and active sentries
.31 r3
  • added French(Français) translation (Thank you Syggin :D)
  • added Portuguese(Português) translation (Thank you Faj10 :D)
  • fixed bug where a muted player would still be muted even if he left / is replaced
  • sensors can no longer be placed near sentries
.31 r2
  • Removed playerPrefs.txt from the build. It is now dynamically generated.
  • added 'is this your first time playing?' popup to encourage tutorial
  • added firstTimePlaying player pref that will cause the popup to occur only once
  • "Last Played" now works in main menu
  • past commands can now be cycled with up and down
  • player numbers are now visible to all players in the player list
  • added /mute # command that can mute/unmute other players
  • constant mic output of 17 seconds or longer will force 'push to talk'
  • fixed bug where sound menu did not properly transition
  • added Ukranian (Українська) translation (Thank you Greev! :D)
  • added Romanian (Română) translation (Thank you AltairDragon! :D)
  • added German (Deutsch) translation (Thank you TaD :D)
.30 r1
  • removed language.txt, it is now stored in playerPrefs.txt
  • name validation is now: a-z A-Z 0-9 _ and - and space
  • translation improvements
  • added 'is this your first time playing?' popup to encourage tutorial
  • added firstTimePlaying player pref that will cause the popup to occur only once
  • controller 'look' stick was reversed with 'move' stick
.31 r0
  • fixed voice looping bug
  • fixed bug where microphone pref would get erased on options if none was set
  • fixed bugs with dropship particle effects sometimes not showing
  • added lighting component to dropship effects
  • reduced sensor range from 8 to 5
  • full-body corpses can now be used to trigger sensors
  • increased missile weight from 2 to 20
  • changed pointer cost from 10 to 40 points
  • changed scrap to be worth 25-75 points (was 50-100)
  • added /suicide command as an alternative to /kill
  • added /dropship mod command to allow a mod to summon a dropship in any circumstance
  • reduced feed box sound attenuation
  • adjusted drop ship sound attenuations
  • extended robo's inner light sound attenuation
.30 r0
  • fixed bug where players could not hear other player voices if they were in the drop ship
  • fixed bug where collar selection triggers would interfere with object falling rays
  • fixed bug where if robo was reset or suicided while shooting, he would keep on shooting
  • fixed bug where dropship imbalance monitor would not update the current imbalance.
  • fixed bug where dropship would attempt to access the message log too early
  • fixed bug where voice data would sometimes loop
  • fixed bug where robo had no fuel ammo in the tutorial
  • fixed misalignment in sign carry/placement modes
  • added particle effects to the dropship engines
  • added shaking effect when the dropship gets near
  • optimized voice audioSources to stop playing when the associated player is not speaking
  • tweaked voice ducking to come in quicker
.29 r0
  • intermediate, unpublished build
.28 r0
  • fixed bug where collars could not be destroyed by robo
  • fixed bug where chat and context menus were incorrectly causing sfx ducking
  • fixed height setup of uranium and laser wall items
  • fixed bug where collar icon raycast trigger angle did not match in client and server
  • fixed bug where an inventory swap sound would play even if swapping an empty inventory
  • fixed bug where sentry flares were not being occluded
  • fixed bug where crashed dropship still counts down on robo's timer
  • fixed bug where dropship timer occured if minplayers was not met and did not grant ship
  • fixed dropship flashing when first spawning bug
  • ROBO Q & E functions have been reversed!!
  • changed sign to a 'sensor' that alerts robo of nearby players
  • sensor price set to 100 (was 15 for the sign)
  • mines, lights, sensors, and laser walls can now be 'undone' by robo by pressing 'E'
  • added 'selection indicator' to show active objects robo can affect
  • added drop object into water sound
  • added reverb to dropship interior
  • added granular volume control to shared sound pools
  • added sound to bury mine
  • added options menus to the tutorial so you can tweak settings outside of a game
  • fixed numerous bugs and missing sound in the tutorial
  • updated tutorial to take into account the gameplay changes
  • laser price increased from 50 to 70 (they are now recoverable)
  • light price increased from 50 to 70 (they are now recoverable)
  • mine price increased from 70 to 100 (they are now recoverable)
  • mine 'safety timer' increased from 6 to 9 to reduce trolling viability
.27 r0
  • upgraded project to Unity 5
  • added sound options GUI
  • added mouse options GUI
  • added sound ducking to sound effects when players speak
  • added sound ducking when options menu is used. When menu is up volumes go down.
  • added intermediate options GUI
  • added new scrap metal items
  • added scrap metal items now spawn where dropship crashes
  • added scrap metal items chance to spawn into the dropship if a player is spawn killed
  • added spawnKillTime server setting that defines the time considered to be a "spawn kill"
  • added spawnKillMaxItems server setting that defines the max possible scrap to spawn on a spawn kill
  • added spawnKillItemChance server setting that defines the probability of each scrap to spawn
  • added exterior idle loop sound to dropship
  • added Turkish(Türkçe) translation (Thank you emreovus33! :D)
  • added missing characters for Turkish and Bosnian
  • added DOF effects to bunny camera on high setting
  • added movement to dropship interior when it is crashing
  • added exterior dropship idle sound
  • added dropship timer to robo
  • added sounds to feedbox when payments change up and down
  • added bunny pick up object sounds
  • added bunny swap inventory sounds
  • added sounds to pointer and pointer directive
  • added scroll bar to lobby chat
  • shader tweaks
  • fixed broken scrolling clip view for very long server list
  • restored per-player weight requirement from 280 to 300 to crash dropship
  • restored drop ship price back to 1000
  • changed activated sentry time from 20 seconds to 15 seconds
  • reduced GC Allocations to almost nothing
  • removed various VFX on server for faster, more responsive servers
  • objects that fall outside of the map are now destroyed.
  • players that fall outside of the map are now killed.
  • added kill volume to center of robo to preclude taking over by shimmying through the wall collision
  • added kill volume to center of feed box to prevent bunnies from shimmying through collision
  • fixed bug where some placeable items could not be placed in the tutorial
  • fixed bugs where sometimes an object could float in the air if something below it was removed.
  • fixed gray outline of some menus to black
  • fixed bug where speech icon would show if a player disconnected mid-speech
  • improved coloring and consistency on menu buttons
  • removed console commands: /invertRoboY, /invertPlayerY, /invertSpectatorY
  • removed console commands: /sensitivity, /sensitivityX, /sensitivityY
  • removed console commands: /vol, /volume, /sound, /vvol, /voicevolume
  • removed console commands: /voice, /mic, /mute
  • removed console commands: /mics, /setmic
  • set directive sounds to proper sound channels
  • fixed bug where sometimes the directives would float in the air
  • map time limit now also resets whenever /reset is called
.26 r0
  • intermediate, unpublished build.
.25 r0
  • added password locked servers. Use the 'password=' server setting to lock a server
  • added kickOnCycle server setting. Choose whether to keep or kick players at the end of a round.
  • added auto restart round when all players have rejoined if kickOnCycle is false.
  • fixed linux server crash bug
  • fixed bug 'items can't be used in dropship' message for items that can't ever be used
  • fixed beam on top of spectator model
  • changed 'about' to 'story'
.24 r3
  • optimized sound pool playback
  • fixed various bugs with non-roman character input and display
  • modified directive sounds
  • slightly lowered drop ship sounds
.24 r2
  • fixed bug where suicide penalty notice was broadcast to everyone
  • added Russian(Русский) translation (Thank you Soap and Brearious! :D)
.24 r1
  • fixed bug where /mic off would not save properly
  • fixed place fence sound
  • added some sounds to the dropship
  • added /setscore or /setpoints mod tool, that can set the score of a player
.24 r0
  • fixed broken win condition / time display
  • fixed bad sound where extremely delayed sounds were sent to dropship
  • added sounds to directives
  • added feed box deposit sound
  • added item hit ground sound
  • added place light sound
  • added place fence sound
  • added place sign sound
  • added collect money sound
  • added collar explode sound
  • added bunny fries on fence sound
.23 r0
  • fixed 3rd or 4th player joining can't be heard by others
.22 r0
  • fixed bunny buy #s to match the new menu order
  • added speech indicator gui to show which players are speaking
  • added /info, /rules, /server, /penalty command that will give server penalty settings
  • added /getvoice command variant to /getvolume
  • applied heavy optimization to ambient sounds
  • fixed bug with /volume only toggling sound off but not on
  • changed /volume command to not save as a pref. (Only /volume # saves)
  • volume adjustments
.21 r2
  • fixed server bug where > 2 players would cause voice malfunctions (id's were always -1)
  • slightly lowered volume of robo interior ambiance
.21 r1
  • changed the order of the buy menu to make more sense
  • adjusted dropship price from 1000 to 1500
  • adjusted per-player weight requirement from 300 to 280 to crash dropship
  • reduced audio compression for better quality
  • added sentry shocking sounds
  • added /getvol or /getvolume or /volstat or /voicestate tool that lists volume settings
  • added volume pref.
  • added voiceVolumeMod pref.
  • added voiceCutoffMod pref. Use this to cut out static from your mic.
  • added microphone pref. Preference of what microphone to use is stored here
  • added micEnabled pref. use this to disable your mic output completely.
  • added pushToTalk pref. Defaults to off so voice chat automatically transmits when speaking.
  • added microphone icon to indicate outgoing speech
  • added invertSpectatorY pref
  • added /invertSpectatorY command
  • audio setting changes now save to playerPrefs.txt (and load from playerPrefs.txt)
  • increased log lines from 6 to 8
.21 r0
  • fixed bug where players with < 0 score would not show in top 3 list.
  • dropship purchase is not allowed until there are minPlayers in the game
  • changed dropship on start to give a dropship to first player in the robot after minPlayers is met
  • minPlayers now is used to work with dropShipOnStart
  • fixed MISSING KEY with flame projector radius
  • fixed MISSING KEY err_couldNotLoadMap being translated
  • fixed bug where spectator could be killed by explosions or flamethrower radius
  • fixed bug where autopay would not be reset if a player suicides out of robo
  • mitigated doublel stuck area
  • maps now use separate .tsx files to define tiles so that custom maps will be more future proof
  • added robo canon sounds
  • added impact sounds for bullets
  • added ambient robo sound
  • added ambient menu sound
  • added robo light sounds
  • added ambient 'crickets' sound nodes for maps
  • added missile sounds
  • added explosion sounds
  • added flame thrower sounds
  • added fire sounds
  • added waterfall sounds
  • added meeping/squeaking to bunnies (hop button)
  • added Swedish(Svenska) translation (Thank you FelixG! :D)
  • added Bosnian(Bosanski) translation (Thank you Emre! :D)
  • added server setting for player starting funds
  • added server setting to allow/disallow/penalize robo suicide
  • added server setting to allow/disallow/penalize bunny suicide
  • added player setting option to limit framerate
  • added quit message to tutorial
  • added headless linux server build
  • added spectator model. Spectators can now see each other flying around the map.
  • added up/down to spectator (via action and flame buttons for technical reasons)
  • added server moderators.
  • added /mod pw command to log in moderators. The password is set in serverSettings.txt
  • added /kick # mod command, mods can see player id's in the score list which can be used to run commands on a player
  • added /restart mod command, it resets the dropship, players, scores, and the time, but not objects or emplacements
  • added /cycle mod command, forces the server to cycle to the next map
  • added /mics tool, gives an index of available microphones for voice chat
  • added /setmic # command, sets the current microphone
  • added /setcutoff # or /cutoff # command, sets the amplitude cutoff to send microphone recordings 0-1 default is .003
  • added /volume # or /vol # commandline controls volume 0-1
  • added /volume or /vol or /sound toggles sound completely on or off
  • added /voicevolume # or /vvol # command, sets the volume of the other player voices 0-1
  • added /voice or /mic or /ptt or /pushtotalk command that toggles your own voice input on/off (between push to talk/push to mute)
  • added /fps command to toggle fps calculation
  • added /spectator alternative to /spectate command
  • added new map: Airstrip (Thank you HexZyle!)
  • removed audio from servers
.20 r1
  • fixed bug where server setting floats were being read improperly due to a previous fix
  • removed the unused minAI server setting
  • added playerDebtLimit server setting
.20 r0
  • made adjustments to doublel to make the far box less appealing to robo
  • all maps adjusted and files included to make it easier for map modders to use
  • tabbing out or losing focus now brings up the option menu
  • added ping display to player list (tab)
  • added quit confirmation to tutorial
  • tabbing out of the tutorial now brings up confirmation box
  • increased default collar score from 4 to 6 every two seconds
  • collar score can now be set in serverSettings.txt
  • serverSettings MOTD can now signal a new line with ~
  • dropship timer is now accurate and drops bunnies off at exactly 0
  • fixed bug where some foreign players would have misplaced world objects
  • fixed bug where robo kill radius would only kill players if occupied
  • fixed bug where dropship could be crashed with less than 30 seconds
  • fixed too many spectators causing loss of syncronization with server
  • fixed MISSING KEY: death by flamethrower bugs
  • fixed MISSING KEY: high packet loss
  • fixed unresponsive confirmation menu bug
  • fixed chat lobby bug where quit players would sometimes not get removed
  • fixed display of dropShipOnStart to be correct in join server settings
  • fixed tutorial bunny being able to bring up robo macroText menu
  • fixed tutorial macroText menu affecting auto-pay setting
  • fixed bug where chat button was hardcoded
  • fixed bug where the chat would pop up as soon as you set the key
  • fixed bug where spectator could be 'killed' by touching robo
  • added robo text macros
  • added multilanguage capability
  • added secondary explosions if rockets or fuel are exploded
  • fixed items not getting destroyed by explosions bug
  • fixed various bugs in the chat lobby
  • added flash effects to robo's gun
  • added Mac server launch scripts
  • changed $ to cents
  • added button to join chat if autojoin is off
  • server now can cycle maps (but kicks everyone off)
  • added tutorial
  • added Linux server launch scripts
  • added chat lobby to join game menu
  • fixed broken custom key slot assignments
  • added lan server discovery
  • item price adjustments
  • fixed bug with saving last server connected setting