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Bunnies are the characters the player controls, although the term "Bunny" is generally used to refer to players who are not in control of Robosaru. Bunnies have very good sight in the darkness, and can generally see anything within their line of sight, even if it is not lit by Robosaru's spotlight.

Only Bunnies who are not in Robosaru may carry items. Bunnies have three item slots: mouth, back, and side. Items can be picked up with Action. Items that are in the mouth can be dropped with Drop or used/placed with Action. Pressing Next or Prev rotates the items that are in these slots.


All Bunnies passively earn money. The amount is dependent on where the Bunny is and whether or not they own a collar.

  • Bunnies without a collar earn 2¢ every 2 seconds.
  • Bunnies with a collar earn 6¢ every 2 seconds.*
  • Bunnies inside the Dropship earn 1¢ every 2 seconds, regardless of whether they own a collar.
  • The Robosaru Bunny earns 20¢ every 2 seconds plus a time bonus.

*This is hardcoded into the game to be 3x the amount Bunnies without a collar earn.

There are two ways that the Bunny can obtain money actively:

  • Entering Robosaru immediately awards the Bunny 300¢.
  • Picking up a ¢ Sign will transfer an amount of money from the Robosaru Bunny equivalent to the current Autopay setting.

Movement and Terrain

Bunnies travel normal speed when moving forwards, and far slower when sidestepping or moving backwards. Additionally, moving up slopes or through water inhibits the movement speed of the Bunny. As the Bunny is unable to jump, they cannot traverse completely vertical terrain.

Plantation and water on the map does not block Bunny movement, but it also does not block Robosaru's weapons. Water does give the Bunny immunity from fire damage.

Bunnies can place items in a stack by dropping multiple items in the same location. As Bunnies will always relocate upwards if their hitbox is inside a solid object, placing items onto another Bunny will raise said Bunny ontop of the placed item. This can be repeated to allow a Bunny to get ontop of a ledge, over a Laser Wall, or even onto Robosaru's base.


The Bunny can be killed in many ways:

  • Taking a direct hit from Robosaru's Primary Cannon
  • Touching fire caused by Robosaru's Flamethrower, Missile Racks, a crashed Dropship or Detonated Mine.
  • Being in the blast radius of an exploding Missile, Mine, or crashed Dropship.
  • Wearing or holding a collar that has been manually detonated by Robosaru.
  • Being in range of an active Sentry without a collar.
  • Touching the beams of a Laser Wall
  • Typing /kill into chat.
  • Being snagged by the machinery inside Robosaru while it is rotating.